Welcome to my site all about my two cars. Hope you enjoy the stay. Ever since I was young I've had a thing for America's sports car. It all started when I found a diecast 68 model. The styling of the C3 model is what gave me "corvette fever". Ever since then, owning a corvette was a dream. After turning 16, it wasn't long before I found a 1981 model that had my name written all over it. It was only a matter of a few days before I talked my parents into letting me get it. It was in great shape, and was a great daily driver for the past two years, which led to my next purchase. A month before graduating high school, I was surfing ebay like usual, hoping to spot some good deals, when I ran across a 86 vette for sale. I showed my parents, and within a few hours and couple bids later, it was mine. I'm going off to college in fall, so I'm going to have to let the collection stay at two, but after that, number three will be here. :) Now that you know the story behind how I got my first two vettes, read below to find out some info about them.

1981 Corvette
1986 Corvette
I've owned this car for over two years, and will probably never sell it, since it was my first car/vette. It's beige with camel interior. I have the original blue tinted glass tops, and AmTop vinyl/canvas ones. It's basically stock besides a few things.
It's silver beige metallic with bronze interior. It has many mods. Some exterior mods would include front driving light grills and a rear wing. The car has also been lowered in the front, with tinted windows. This is now my daily driver, and I'm about to take it through my first winter...yikes!
UPDATE: I believe winter 2003-04 is about over now, and the car has made it. Don't let anyone tell you a vette can't be driven all winter.

new and tuned 4 bbl q-jet, true dual exhaust with monza style tips, crane cam, electronic fan control switch, 180 t-stat, American Racing 136 rims with 245/60's on front and 255/60's on back.
Freshly painted August of 2002.
Oh did I forget to mention the sound system? Two 12's and a phoenix gold amp. check it out in the photo album.
Upcoming mods: rack and pinion steering

Here's a list of current mods:
MSD 6AL ignition, Performance Inc. street/strip distributor w/ high performance coil, K&N filter, custom chip, SLP cold air intake, TPS switch, no cats, Gutted Mass Air Flow Sensor, underdrive pulleys, TPIS airfoil, 160 stat, 3" catback exhaust into KBD Targa's, timing bumped to 10* advanced, Autolite 8mm spark plug wires w/ facotry AC Delco plugs gapped at 45, TransGo shift kit, 100hp shot NOS, & some other stuff.
Upcoming mods: MSD 8.5 wires, Holley AFPR, exhaust cut outs
click here for list of mods planned for next spring/summer



10/12/03 Parked for winter.

I'm currently rebuilding the L-98 engine.
8/20/03 Motor has been rebuilt.
8/21/03 Motor has been put in car. Now just to hook everything back up.
8/24/03 First real drive since motor has been put back in. Still some things that need tuning.
8/28/03 Removed radiator and cleaned it. Now running constant 170 temps :)
9/5/03 First time to the track.
Best time: 9.2 @73 mph with shifting problems :(
9/6/03 Cleaned throttle body and installed new IAC. Tuned both to stock specs.
9/7/03 Replaced fuel filter and fuel pump after the pump died
9/19/03 Second time to the track.
New best: 8.9 @ 75 mph with shifting problems still.
.51 reaction time, and a 1.90 60' on street tires
10/12/03 Base timing bumped from 6* to 10*
10/ 27/03 Bought a set of AFS black ZR-1 rims.
11/03/03 UPS dropped off my ZR-1 rims today. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have the new rotors, brake pads, and painted calipers on along with the new rims :)
2/27/04 Finally got the GS rims on. I figured I'd wait until winter was over. I hated to put them on, only to drive through all the snow and salt winter was bringing.
3/19/04 In one week I will be having a TransGo shift kit professionally installed. Hopefully this will put an end to my WOT shifting problems and I can finally get some real times at the track. I will be going to the track later that night after the shift kit has been installed. Hopefully I'll have some low to mid 8's in 1/8 time slips to bring back on street tires.
4/01/04 TransGo shift kit didn't fix my shifting problems. Times were from 8.8-9.1 in the 1/8.
7/11/04 Went to the Super Chevy Show in Indianapolis, IN and came back with a nitrous kit :) So far I'm just running the 100 hp shot. Probably up it to the 150hp shot soon. Still yet to see new track times.
10/09/04 New best of 8.4 in the 1/8. Nitrous bottle was empty at time, so no runs with NOS yet. Running 150hp shot now.

for more pics, visit my photo album by clicking here.
UPDATE: new pics including some cool scenic pics of my 86 in the rolling hills of Kentucky.
There are over 100 photos in this album, so dial-uper's beware. click here to see them.

click here for NEW PHOTOS of my 86 with Grand Sport rims on. Some nice shots of the 81 too.